Automobile Museum Food

Are you looking for good food to serve in your Automobile Museum Restaurant? First, let’s talk a little bit about what Automobile Museum Food Should Be. We serve five types of food to our customers at Automobile Museum Restaurant: Chips & Desserts, sandwiches, Mexican dishes, Vegetarian Dishes, and Coffee and Tea. Now, on to the food!

Chips and Desserts: This is the traditional dessert at any automobile event or gathering, served at our restaurant with an ice cream or chocolate sauce, and sometimes with nuts. The best kind is made with real whipped cream. One variety we offer is chocolate chip. It’s very easy to make, simply use your blender or processor, and add in a little extra sweetener if you like. Chocolate chip is served with a fruit, such as banana or apple, served with a cherry or lemon slice, or with a piece of fruit. For an extra sweet treat, we also offer orange cream pie.

Sandwiches: We offer sandwiches that can be accompanied by a fruit served with either our tomato soup or a strawberry drink. A great sandwich to choose is the wheat bread with tomato sauce and a little bit of melted margarine. Another one is the Reuben sandwich, which is really a traditional New York style sandwich. In this one we serve sliced turkey, with our house-grounded turkey mustard on a whole-wheat roll with a tomato and red bell pepper reduction. The other sandwiches are the Jewish Ham, Italian Panini, and the Reuben. There are also vegetarian dishes such as the tuna salad sandwich and the grilled shrimp pasta.

Mexican Dishes: This kind of dish varies depending on what region you are in, but usually includes either fajitas tacos, burritos, quesadillas, or chimichangas. Usually prepared with beef, pork, or chicken, it is served with either Spanish rice yellow corn tortillas, or fresh tortillas. Sometimes we prepare seafood dishes, too. A fish such as tuna, salmon, halibut, prawns, and scallops are sometimes served. Piquantuan dishes are also available.

Asian Dishes: Asian food is world famous for its use of vegetables and fresh herbs. Typical dishes include Oriental vegetables such as carrots and spinach, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, ginger carrots, radishes, and eggplant. Japanese dishes are often served, including sushi, crab, and grilled fish. Chinese dishes include dim sum, meats, noodles, and vegetables.

American Dishes: Mostly burgers, steaks, chicken, and vegetables, our restaurant offers many choices to satisfy any taste. Traditional barbecue is served, as are salads. Vegetarian selections are also available. Drinks are carbonated or non-carbonated.

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