Why Not Go to the Museum of Automobile Claret

A Museum Automobile Claret, in my opinion is a great souvenir to take home from your trip to London. If you have not been to the Museum of Transport in London before then you will be pleasantly surprised as you will see a number of the vehicles that are used on the transport network. The Automobile Claret is designed in the style of a classic car and you will be able to buy a Claret bottle to relish with them when you return home.

When you arrive at the Museum, it is advisable to get a map of London with you as you may need to orientate yourself at first. There is a tramway that runs around the top of the Tower of London and this provides a good view of what the place looks like. You can also get on a train at King’s Cross and make your way over to the Museum from there. The tramways are the same ones that you would use if you were travelling to the Exhibition Centre or the Royal Albert Hall. You can also get the Tube to central London from London by using the Central London Travel Information service.

There are three areas inside the Museum of Automobile Claret that you can visit and enjoy. The first area is the Automobile Salon and the second is the Classic Car Gallery. If you are looking for an opportunity to get some quality time with your family and friends then try the Children’s Area. This is also the area where you will find a large variety of antique cars which you can purchase and take back home with you.

The last area that you will visit in the Museum Auto Claret is the Special Collections Room where you will be able to view the collection of cars that have been owned by film stars. Some of these cars are very rare and if you are lucky enough to see one then you will find it to be a very expensive experience.

When you visit the Museum of Automobile Claret you should book your rooms as soon as possible so that you are guaranteed to find everything that you require and there are plenty of rooms available to choose from. You can usually book online or by telephone and they usually have a limited number of rooms for booking.

If you visit the museum regularly you could find that you end up staying for several nights as the Museum attracts visitors from all over the world and you can stay at a hotel nearby in London. I know that it has happened to me when I have stayed at hotels in London and had to travel to the Museum on the Underground to reach the place that I wanted to visit.

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